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Welcome to Halliwell - A social enterprise delivering clinically informed practice.

Halliwell is a social enterprise offering "clinically informed practice" through the medium of education, fostering and residential care. Our objective is to enhance the psychological health of children within the care system. Our Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme is a therapeutic re-parenting programme which focuses on addressing the emotional, behavioural, social and developmental needs of the child.  Our approach sets us apart from standard residential child care providers in that it is clinically informed in every aspect of the child’s lived therapeutic experience with the specific aim of helping traumatised children achieve psychological well being.

The Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme operates on an environmental, interpersonal and individual level. Psychological growth and recovery is facilitated through the applied understanding of childhood trauma and attachment needs, Positive Behaviour Management and a focus on engagement and achievement through active participation in education and a wide range of activities. Our practice is guided by knowledge and experience of the power of the narrative and reframing, solution focused approaches and is responsive, consistent and attuned to the child’s needs.

The progress of Individual children is monitored on a monthly basis through the Restorative Parenting Recovery Index and through the use of additional normed psychological scales where appropriate. Detailed discussion of children’s progress takes place at monthly consultations with a psychologist and additional input is provided on a flexible basis by Halliwell’s clinical team, which includes Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology.

Halliwell Clinical Team Paper Published in Journal
At Halliwell, we offer a recovery programme which is clinically informed and our clinical team has recently written a peper highlighting the significance of the physical environment in our residential homes and schools and how it can support the recovery of children who have suffered trauma and abuse. This research will be published in the Scottish Journal of Residential Childcare this month. For more information visit the website for the Centre For Excellent for Looked after Children in Scotland (CELCIS) here.

New Residential Home and Additional Placement Availability On Our Programme.

The research noted above has played a central role in the development of our new thearpeutic residential home Orchard Grove and it's adjoing school, Maple House, which will be opening later this month. For more information on Orchard Grove or for information on our referrals process, visit our referrals page here 

Restorative Parenting Open Day
Halliwell is the home of Restorative Parenting® and due to the success of our recovery programme in 2015 we'll be expanding the programme in 2016 by opening a new residential home with an onsite school.

We'll be holding an open day on 11th March and professionals in the sector are invited to attend one the four sessions on the day.
The sessions will take place at 10am, 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3pm
and attendees will learn more about:
  • The  importance of environmental design to the recovery process
  • How Restorative Parenting delivered significant results in 2015
  • How we are continuing to support recovery through step-down to fostering
The physical environment in which children live can be as important as the emotional one and Halliwell have thoughtfully designed this new home as a context in which to realise its therapeutic potential. The home is located in the Haslingden area of Lancashire but professionals are welcome to attend from across the UK.

Places at the open day and placements for children on the programme in the new home are both likely to be filled quickly and this is an opportunity for you to see the environment in which Halliwell significantly improves the lives of looked after children through Restorative Parenting®.

If you are interested in attending, please complete this form and email it to

Complimentary parking and refreshments will be available on the day.

Complimentary Book Offer
As an attendee, you’ll be also able to sign up to receive a free advanced copy of Healing Child Trauma Through Restorative Parenting which will be published by Jessica Kingsley in June of this year. and is co-authored by the Head of our Clinical Team, Dr Chris Robinson.

More information on the book is available on Amazon here

If you're interested in
Restorative Parenting® but unable to attend the open day, why not attend one of our free CPD events in the coming months. See below for more information.

Free CPD Events Announced for 2016
Following on from the success of our free CPD events in 2015, a series of free events has now been confirmed for 2016. These one day CPD sessions will provide delegates with both a theoretical overview of the Restorative Parenting® practice model and a practical understanding of how Halliwell deliver the model in our residential, education and fostering support settings with oversight from our clinical team to achieve significantly improved outcomes for looked after children.

The dates and locations for events are as follows:

Lancaster – 27th January 2016

Wakefield – 17th February 2016

Stoke – 23rd March 2016

Warrington – 27th April 2016

Salford – 25th May 2016

Sheffield – 22nd June 2016

Places are very limited but guaranteed for professionals working for a local authority so if you are interested in attending an event, please complete this form (click here) and return it to Lunch and parking will be provided at the event.

Closing the academic achievement gap for looked after children
Professionals from across the education and health care sector attended the event at the University of Leeds to learn about the Restorative Parenting® model and how it's implementation improves academic achievement within the looked after sector.

Unfortunately, it is a proven statistic that looked after children do not achieve the same level of grades as their peers. This workshop looked at addressing this imbalance by understanding the causes before outlining an effective plan to aid our children to improve their educational achievements.

Educational Psychologist, Dr Margaret Bullock, explained how attachment theory, trauma recovery and positive psychology underpin the organisations' practice model. Within this she discussed the works of Rutter, Rohner, Cairns and Seligman and how their theories support Restorative Parenting.

Head of Education, Mathew Hargreaves, followed this thought provoking and informative session with his presentation on how the theory translates into practice. His lively session brought a series of questions on the feasibility of the programme which were evidenced with real life examples, educational trajections and improved levels of learning for looked after children.

"Very informed and experienced speakers." Anon, delegate.

"Far exceeded my expectations with practical knowledge that I can implement." Anon, delegate.

Halliwell attends 25th Annual International Trauma Conference

"The study of trauma has probably been the single most fertile area in helping to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship among the emotional, cognitive, social and biological forces that shape human development."

This week has seen the 25th Annual International Trauma Conference hosted in Boston Massachusetts. The focus of the event has been on the discoveries over the past 25 years  related to traumatic stress and the subsequent treatment. Halliwell Directors Andrew Constable and Karen Mitchell-Mellor are in attendance to explore recent research findings on how children's brains, minds and bodies respond to traumatic experiences and the role of relationships in protecting and restoring safety and regulation.

"This was a great opportunity to meet the leading psychologists, psychiatrists and theorists whose work has informed the Restorative Parenting model which Halliwell uses to improve the psychological well being of children in the looked after sector. We are looking forward to developing these, and further connections in the future in order to further enhance our recovery programme." (Andrew Constable, Halliwell Director)